Night of the Frost...

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Night of the Frost... Empty Night of the Frost...

Post  Ktyhrea on Fri Aug 05, 2011 7:24 am

Night of the Frost...

The cool wind ruffles your fur sending a chill down your spine. A branch snaps behind you and you turn quickly but the thick curtian of snow blurrs you vision. "Who's there..." you call, your voice getting lost in the wind. Weak from hunger you stumble down the slopes blinded by the snow stom. A low howl erupts from behind you and you freeze. You return the call and for a few bref seconds you stand alone. Then turning you see the white pelt of a fae standing next to you. She says nothing, but as she moves past you her tail brushes under your chin willing you to follow her into the white whirl-wind.

Set on a snowy mountain top, there are few trees. The pack's camp is set inside a cave, the only wolves who know how to find the cave in the snow are the Alphas, The Betas, and the Deltas. Food is very difficult to find on the mountain top, but it can be found if you search. The water source is a small stream that runs along the edge of the cave. Most wolves sleep in the main cavern, but the three top ranks of the pack each have their own dens.

No details in mateing or birthing
Obey leader
No killing without permission
Listen to me and my mini mods
No being your own mate or crush
Please make one Brute and one Fae
Have fun!

~Ranks in the Frost Pack~
Alpha Fae: Gemini (Me)
Alpha Brute:
Alpha Pups:

Beta Fae:
Beta Brute:
Beta Pups:

Delta Fae:
Delta Brute:
Delta Pups:

Healer in Training:

Hunters: Shard (Me)




Omegas:(only two)





~My Wolves~
Name: Gemini
Nickname: Gem
Age: 2 Years
Gender: Fae
Rank: Alpha Fae
Personality: Gemini is quiet and soft-spoken. She has a lot of patience with her pack and leads them with courage and strength. She claims her heart belongs with her pack and not with a brute, but if she finds some one who she knows will be a great leader she will open up and give her heart to them.
History: She grew up as the Alpha's daughter and when her parents passed who took their place instead of the Betas.
Crush: Nope
Mate: No.
Looks: (I will post a picture later)
Other: Her brother is Shard

Name: Shard
Nickname: Rolls eyes
Age: 2
Gender: Brute
Rank: Hunter
Personality: Shard is a player, he doesn't really beleive in mates and is overly kind to all the faes in the pack.
History: Born and raised in the pack
Crush: Not yet Wink
Mate: No
Looks: (I will post a picture later)
Other: His sister is Gemini


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Night of the Frost... Empty Re: Night of the Frost...

Post  Ktyhrea on Fri Aug 05, 2011 7:55 am

Gemini Runs through the whirling wind and snow. Her white pelt blending easily with the storm. She retraces the path she had run so many time from the hunting ground back to the pack. She smiles, not the pack, her pack.
She slips into the tunnel, hardly visible from unknowing eyes. She races to the clearing out of breath. She slows reaching it and shakes out her pelt, sending a shower of snow and ice crystals onto the hard cavern floor.
Shard watches his sister as she enters the cave. He rolls his eyes, She always thought herself better than the rest of us he thinks annoyed. His tail twitches a the sound of frozen water hitting the floor but ignores the noise and settles back into a nap.


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